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Central Greece E65 Motorway: the first part of the Lamia – Xiniada section to be finished in May



The first delivery of the Lamia-Xyniada part is planned by the Ministry of Infrastructure. More specifically, it is estimated that by the end of May, the Western Bypass of Lamia, a section of 14.2 kilometers, will be opened to traffic.

In order to make this possible, the ministry of Infrastructure will need to pass an amendment from the Parliament since the concession contract with the Central Road did not provide for a partial operation of the department.

It was originally intended to be given to traffic before Easter to serve travelers but this no longer exists due to the ban on travel from county to county.

The section of the Lamia Bypass starts from the connection of the E65 with the Gulf of Malia, at the Anthili semi-junction and ends 3 km before the Karpenisi junction approximately in the area of ​​Lianokladi. To go to Karpenisi one must use the local road network.

Given that the new section will not be connected to the operating section Xiniada – Trikala, those who want to go to Domoko and Thessaly should use the current route from Lamia and the plateau Othrios.

An uneven junction that will lead to Lamia is also being constructed in the section under delivery and which is estimated to be completed by the end of the year. There is no toll station in this section, hence tolls.

In total, Lamia-Xiniada, costing 310 million Euros, a project constructed by TERNA, can be completed in 2022, if some construction issues that have arisen are resolved. Upon its completion, it will directly connect Athens with Trikala, while with the planned construction of the northern part, Athens will be connected with Grevena in less than 4 hours.



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