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Call for tenders for PPP building project in the University of Thessaly



Another large-scale PPP building project for universities has been auctioned. This time it concerns the University of Thessaly that attempts to implement this project for the creation of student dormitories in Volos and Lamia through the method of Public-Private Partnership.

The projects have a double construction scope. The first concerns the integrated intervention for urban regeneration and utilization of the industrial estates of the former cotton industry in Nea Ionia area of Volos, for the creation of student centers, educational and research facilities and social infrastructure of the University of Thessaly.

The second will be constructed in Lamia and concerns the creation of student dormitories and educational and research infrastructure for the University of Thessaly.

It is another collaboration between the General Secretariat for Strategic Investments and PPPs of the Ministry of Growth and Investments. For the last 10 years it has undertaken and is implementing projects whose value exceeds 2bn euros.

The process

The value of the project was estimated at 116.62m euros (incl. VAT, VAT excl.: 94.05m euros). The tender process will take place by invitation, with the minimum number of candidates being three and the maximum six.

As stated in the notice, the objective selection criteria are set out in Article 15 of the call for expressions of interest which constitutes the first phase of the tender.

Invited candidates must submit their interest by June 18, 2020. Those who meet the criteria will then proceed to the second phase, which is divided into two stages. In Stage B1 the dialogue that will complete the technical scope will begin and then if the project is environmentally licensed we will proceed to the final stage, B2 where the bids will be submitted (technical and financial).

It should be noted that PPPs, having now entered the field of strategic investments, are licensed with fast track procedures and valuable time is gained. Licensing must be approved by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

In total, the contract will last 360 months, 36 of which concern the construction period. The remaining months are the duration of operation and maintenance. Upon the completion of the above period, all buildings must be returned to the University of Thessaly, in the condition in which they were received.

This is the second consecutive project in a Greek university institute. It has been preceded by the University of Crete, where the tender has been underway since the beginning of the year.

The tender for another PPP building project that concerns the University of Thrace will be announced in the near future. In total, these three projects cost more than 500m euros.


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