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Building permit approved for the large expansion project of Macedonia Airport Terminal



Building permit for the large expansion of Makedonia Airport Terminal was approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and we are now just one step away from the launch of the major project, costing 90mln euros (accounting to roughly 25% of Fraport’s total budget for all 14 Regional Airports).

According to, the first construction works are expected to start sometime in July and speed up during the winter. The main goal is for the renovated Terminal of Makedonia to be ready by 2021, with its size doubled and transformed into a modern European airport.

At the same time, security checks are in full progress, for the detection of remaining bombs from World War II as during the extension works for the runway 10-28, several were found, making the assistance of the Greek Army, imperative.

The “lifting” project of Makedonia Airport includes the restoration of the aircrafts’ parking area and taxiway as well as the completion of the runway’s 10-28 extension, a project carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure, which, according to the most recent schedule, is expected to be released in the end of the year. The completion of the runway will be the first major leap for Thessaloniki Airport, which will then have the ability to accept transatlantic flights and large-sized airplanes, doubling its reach capacity.

In the existing space of the Terminal, the first major rearrangement has been now completed, other works are still in progress and passengers, entering the building, will now have the opportunity to see a new and fresh look of its interior spaces with remodeled passenger areas and a refurbished duty-free section.


The expansion project in numbers

According to the building permit, the new facilities will be having 2 floors, they will occupy an area of 16,632 sq.m. while the  total building area will be 34,033 sq.m. The total building volume will be 270,685 m3 while the buildings maximum height will be 19.60 meters. In the new building, there will be 32 parking spaces without any jetways.


The new face of the airport will b undoubtedly impressive and the passengers will enjoy high-quality services, with a focus on commerciality and the attraction of more airliners. The main goal is for Makedonia Airport to be established as the second largest airport in Greece, taking advantage of its key position.



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