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Bids expected in early 2019 for the extension of Thessaloniki Port’s 6th Pier



A major project concerning the completion of Pier 6 of Thessaloniki Port will be auctioned by ThPA in the coming months. As the company’s CEO, Mr. Sotiris Theophanis stated at, project maturation is currently in progress, i.e. the update, completion and approval of the studies as well as the drafting of the tender documents.

The project has an estimated cost that exceeds the equivalent budget of Piraeus Port Cruise Pier. The cost is estimated at 160m euros (excl. VAT) and is part of the mandatory investments of the “private” ThPA over the  next 7 years.

The aim is for the project to be auctioned until the beginning of the new year. There will be an open international tender that is expected to attract the interest of the largest companies specializing in the field.

The works are estimated to last about 4 years and, along with the under-construction projects regarding road and rail connections of the Pier, will provide the infrastructure necessary for the development of Thessaloniki Port, as it has been the case in Piraeus Port during the past decade.

“It is a historic opportunity”, says Mr. Theophanis and continues: “We are pursuing the implementation of additional projects and investments that we are currently under examination”, sending very promising messages for the future of the second largest port of our country.



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