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Attiki Odos: tender for Kymis Avenue extension nearing completion



Υποθαλάσσια συνδεση

The tender of the project for the first extension of Attiki Odos, which concerns the extension of Kymi Avenue, is to be concluded. With the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the TERNA – AKTOR – INTRAKAT scheme has emerged as the temporary contractor of the project and the way is now open for signatures.

Now, as long as there are no objections or appeals from the other participant (AVAX), the contract will be prepared and sent to the Court of Auditors. This will be followed by the presentation of the major project in Parliament and then it will be signed. A major goal of the Ministry of Infrastructure is for the contract to be signed at Fall so it will start within 2022.

The project concerns the first extension with which Attiki Odos, 18 years after its completion, is growing and concerns the extension of Kymi Avenue from the uneven intersection of the same name, to the National Highway at the uneven Kalyftaki intersection in Lykovrysi. It is now the first major road project for Attica, almost two decades after the 2004 Olympic Games. With this project, a road bypass will be implemented in the “difficult” section of Attiki Odos and the Metamorfosi exit will be decongested.

The contracting authority of the project is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The cost of the project including VAT is €352.3 million (€284.3 million without VAT). The auction of the project today, February 22, cumulatively included the submission of the files and the unsealing of the bids.

The duration of the works was set at 48 months from the day of signing the contract. If the project is signed within 2022 then the new axis will be able to operate from the beginning of 2027.



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