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Attica Ring Road: the tender for Kymis Avenue expansion to go through by the end of 2021



By the end of the year, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport aspires to start the tender for the first extension of Attiki Odos, which is the opening of Kymis Avenue and its extension to the National Road. The project, in addition to its great value for the area as an additional important road axis is created, is also a natural bypass at the exit of vehicles to the National Road. Traffic jams at the exit of Metamorfosi are a daily phenomenon. This new exit will give new life to the “difficult” section between Metamorfosi and Doukissis Plakentias.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has started the preparation of the tender with the hiring of a Technical Consultant who will assist the services up to the preparation of the tender documents. What will be needed is for the studies to run and for the necessary approvals to be obtained (environmental, etc.). The positive points are that the expropriations have been completed for the most part since this project was calculated by the first generation of Attiki Odos projects.

What is included in the project

The cost of the project is estimated at 300 million euros. The extension will start from the junction of Attiki Odos and will end after 3.8 km on the National Road, at the junction Kalyftaki (Kato Kifisia). Includes:

– Open section 360 meters long, at the southern end of which the works of the existing uneven junction of Attiki Odos are completed.

– Next, part of an underground mining tunnel 1,260 meters long.

– Next, a tunnel constructed with an open excavation 1,160 meters long, which extends to the stream of Pyrna.

– An open section of 1,000 meters long, at the southern end of which an uneven junction is constructed, offering direct access to the Municipality of Lykovrysi and the existing Craft Park. This section ends at the national road Athens – Lamia, at the site of the existing uneven junction Kalyftaki, where the construction of the uneven junction where L. Kymis connects with the National Road is completed.

The project envisages in the area of ​​the Pyrna stream settlement works for the flood protection of the area but also restoration in a length of 2 km of the local road networks, sewers and green works of 30 acres.

The expansion of Kymi is a public project

The project of opening and extending Kymis Avenue to the National Road will be auctioned as a public project by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and therefore no tolls will be placed in this section. This of course means that drivers will then have to pay by entering the existing section of Attiki Odos.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has also included the project of the expansion of Kymi Avenue both in the National Strategic Transport Plan (ESSM) and – mainly – in the planning for the new Programming Period 2021-2027.



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