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Athens Tram future extension: Hopes for NSRF revision to put the project “on track”



A major revision of NSRF, which will take place in about a year’s time, will decide whether the only, for the time being, (under design) extension of the Athens Tram network will be actually implemented. It is reminded that last year Attica Region’s administration published an invitation for this project, budgeting it at 82m euros. According to information provided at, the inclusion of the project in NSRF 2014-2020 is considered feasible, through Attica’s Regional Programme, with a new revision.

What is of great interest, however, is the active participation of Attica Region aiming to put this major project for the region of Piraeus and its densely populated suburbs of Drapetsona, Keratsini and Perama, on tracks, achieving to provide a service for more than 100,000 passengers daily.

Info from Attica Region, suggest that a single branch to Drapetsona, up to Lipasmata area, is under consideration, however in a quite early stage, as it is unclear how the project for the development of Lipasmata area will progress.

It is noted that Attiko Metro, had earlier launched a tender for the execution of topographical surveys, concerning the second major extension of the Tram Line, initially to Keratsini and prospectively to Perama.

The tender will take place on 7 February 2018 and the duration of necessary studies is set for 10 months from the signing of the contract. The funds appropriated for that purpose reach 232.528,06 (excl. VAT). The study has been also included in the Studies Programme of Attiko Metro and will be funded by own resources.

For the moment, this is the most important development regarding the future of the Tram network in Athens. What remains is tendering all other studies for the networks extensions in order for the project to be set in motion.

If everything goes as planned, the first major extension of the Tram network, after Piraeus, will be successfully completed. It will be an undoubtedly long extension (about 9 km) that will relieve the local transportation system.

The cost of the project has not yet been determined many technical characteristics still need to be specified. Nevertheless, Tram extension combined with extensive reconstructions will result in a major upgrade of Keratisini, which today is densely built with sparse green spaces.



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