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Athens Metro: the undergrounding project between Faliro and Piraeus stations is a game changer



Μέσα Μαζικής Μεταφοράς - Πηγή Φωτογραφίας Eurokinissi/ Γιενάντα Ντελάι

One of the most discussed projects is the case of undergrounding of line 1 of the Metro in the section from Faliro to Piraeus. The project has come to the surface many times but has not yet been implemented.

The most recent development is that the maturation of the project presents a development that gives hopes that it will be able to join through the Ministry of Infrastructure for implementation in the NSRF 2021-2027. In order to make this possible, the studies are updated in order to be able to join the new programming period and then be auctioned. It should be reminded that the existing study has been prepared since the time when the undergrounding project was connected with the extension of the Tram to Piraeus.

Since then, the two projects have been separated and the Tram project has progressed, been implemented and completed. Regarding the undergrounding, the cost is estimated at around 100 million euros and the contracting authority of the project is STASY.

The undergrounding of the “game changer” lines for Piraeus

This project is a “game-changer” for Piraeus, as it is expected on the one hand to give new life into an area that has experienced a prolonged stagnation for the last ten years and on the other hand to facilitate the lives not only for the thousands of residents of Piraeus but also to other passers-by, and who will want to move safely, quickly and in an environmentally safe way!

According to a common confession, this is a project that could transform for the better the image of Piraeus, as in case of implementation of the project, the Piraeus Peninsula will be united with Kaminia, while at the same time, a new urban avenue, that will have tram and metro (ISAP) is expected to be created, and will reach the port, while no one should overlook the development that will create for the real estate market in such a special and difficult economic period for our country.

With its implementation, a large area for development in the urban fabric of Piraeus will be “liberated” immediately. The project includes the sinking of the lines immediately after the exit from FALIRO station, the creation of a new underground station called KAMINIA and the rise of the lines to the surface at the PIRAEUS terminal. Upon completion, the trains will move comfortably and at Metro speeds. Today the lines in this section are on wooden sleepers which limits the speed of the trains.

It is also known that the Municipality of Piraeus eagerly wants the undergrounding of the lines so that the parallel axes (Mikras Asias  and Omiridou Skylitsi) can be widened and an avenue capable of withstanding the traffic load to the port of Piraeus can be created. This is a flag project for Piraeus, while with the arrival of the Metro through Line 3, if the implementation proceeds, it will not leave Piraeus without a Metro connection to the rest of the network.



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