The issue of the delivery of the extension of line 3 to the port and DIMOTIKO THEATROof Piraeus is a matter of days. During the weekend, Akti Kallimasioti was given to traffic and in this way the Metro line 1 station regained access to the street.

The final touches to get everything ready for the opening of the line are underway and these days any details are being completed at the 3 stations. At the same time, test routes continue and for this reason today the section of line 3 from Agia Marina to Nikaia was closed.

The Metro trains start from Agia Marina and reach the station of the line located after the DIMOTIKO THEATRO terminal station, under Gr. Lambraki street, near the University of Piraeus.

The colours of the new stations

However, the colors chosen by Attiko Metro for the three new stations that will be delivered are also of interest. Maniatika, Piraeus, and Dimotiko Theatro each have a distinct color touch as well as their own architectural mood.

At MANIATIKA station, the yellow color prevails on the platform, giving the station a lively touch. The curved surfaces we see on the docks with the vibrant yellow color give a different feel to the passenger’s stay.

At PIRAEUS station we have a different perception of the station. The ticketing area is very large and comfortable and also functions as an underground passage to and from the port of Piraeus. It is actually a wide rectangular space that leads you from two different entrances/exits to the station.

The station platform is impressive for two reasons. The first is the choice for the columns to have a conical shape in dark gray color and not the classic curved stainless steel. It is the trademark of the station as it is an innovation that is not found in any other station. The darkest colors, dark gray, red and metallic prevail here.

The DIMOTIKO THEATRO station is special and is dominated by the color blue, as well as an impressive light fixture in the ticketing area. The urban plan of the city of Piraeus is reflected in the lamp, a particularly impressive find. The architecture of the space is of particular interest as you get the impression that you are in a water feature with the roof gradually undulating.

The platform, again in blue tones, reveals a special station as 2/3 has the classic form of the Athens Metro stations with tall columns covered in stainless steel. The remaining 1/3 is with a low curved wall. This happens due to the construction of the station, which in one part was implemented with underground construction (cover and cut). Here too, the blue element dominates, which is evident in many parts of the dock.

Connection to the suburbs of Piraeus and the Airport

The most important element of the extension of line 3 to the center of Piraeus is that it will completely change the traffic data of the area. The inextricable connection of Piraeus with the areas of Nikaia, Korydallos, Keratsini, will change the habits of passengers.

Today it takes up to 40 minutes, often in heavy traffic, for passengers to reach Piraeus from these areas. With the operation of the extension, access to the port and the center will be a matter of 4-5 minutes.

From its operation, it is estimated that the city of Piraeus and the surrounding road network will be significantly relieved both by the reduction of vehicles and by the projected reduction of bus lines that will stop the through traffic up to Piraeus.

As it happened in other cases, many lines will become local and feeders to the nearest station. The effects on the traffic of Piraeus are expected to be felt gradually with the gradual transition of passengers from cars and buses to the Metro.

Access to the City Hall, the market, Pasalimani, the Courts and other parts of the center will not be more than 5 minutes on foot from the stations PIRAEUS and DIMOTIKO THEATRO.

At the same time, the Piraeus-Airport route will now be direct in less than an hour. Of course, we should say that there is also the Suburban Railway that has been serving the route to the airport for several years.

The inauguration of the extension of line 3 with the stations MANIATIKA, PIRAEUS, DIMOTIKO THEATRO, is estimated to take place in a few days, either at the end of the month or at the beginning of October. The project is being built by the joint venture AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM.


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