As mentioned in a related parliamentary question, the expansion of the Metro towards Keratsini, Perama, and the city’s closest island, Salamina, will be part of OASA’s broader ongoing transportation study. According to Attiko Metro’s response, with the existing lines, it is not considered technically feasible to extend the network to the aforementioned areas.

As noted, to achieve this, a new line will need to be created, part of which will cover the municipalities of Keratsini/Drapetsona, Perama, and Salamina, as it will be part of an expanded coverage.

“However, a metro line such as the aforementioned has not been designed so far, and its justification will primarily be required within the framework of a strategic transportation study, which has already been commissioned by OASA and is being carried out,” states the response from Attiko Metro. It concludes by stating that “Depending on the findings of this study, Attiko Metro will then proceed with the necessary studies and research for the implementation of the projects.”

Last April, a joint letter from the municipalities of Keratsini-Drapetsona, Perama, and Salamina to Attiko Metro requested the extension of the metro to these specific areas. The letter noted that these areas remain outside the transportation map and that a metro extension would help alleviate traffic congestion in the region.

The extension with Tram

The response from Attiko Metro also mentions an earlier plan based on the First Transport Development Study of the Athens Metro in 2000, which proposed the extension of a tram line to Keratsini, Perama, and Salamina.

The extension of the Tram to Piraeus has been a topic of interest in the past decade, as there has been activity on the matter. According to the plan at that time, there was a provision for an extension with a significant portion of the route being underground.

The plan included significant underground sections in the Keratsini area, freeing up space for redevelopment. Additionally, a provision was made for constructing a new depot in the Ikonio area. The total length of the route was projected to be 8.9 km of double track, with the initial cost estimated at 180 million euros.

The planned stops were: Limani (Port), Agios Dionysios, Agios Dimitrios, Panagiotakou, Tampouria, Agios Georgios, Dimokratias, Neo Ikonio, Agios Nikolaos (towards Perama), Plateia Iroon (towards Perama), Plateia (towards Perama), Limani Peramatos (terminal), Dimarcheio (towards Piraeus), Kekropos (towards Piraeus), Orfeos (towards Piraeus), Lanitou (towards Piraeus)

In 2018, associations and residents of Piraeus reacted by appealing to the Council of State, seeking the annulment of six decisions by the Minister of Culture, which had given the “green light” for the Western extension projects of the Tram in Piraeus. These projects were planned to pass through Orolougiou Square, Akti Poseidonos, Akti Miaouli, etc. They argued that rare archaeological findings were being destroyed.

Subsequently, municipalities in the area also reacted, demanding Metro coverage rather than Tram. As a result, the issue of expansion was definitively put on hold and shelved.

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