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Athens Metro: a historic day today as new Line 4 construction officially begins



After many years of delays, the biggest public project that will take place in Greece in the coming years, is finally starting: Attiko Metro SA and the contractor company ERETVO SA signed the contract for the implementation of the preliminary works of Section A ‘of Line 4 of the Athens Metro and in the immediate future the construction sites will begin to be installed in the areas where the new stations will be built.

Costas Karamanlis: Our commitment to Line 4 has become a reality

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Costas Karamanlis, stated in this regard: “Attiko Metro is working again in the center of Athens. We are committed that after years the Athenians will see Metro works in the city again. Today was the last step to make our commitment a reality.

Line 4 is not just a great construction project, with significant development benefits and new jobs. It is also a project that when completed, will change everyday life in Athens and its busiest areas. That is why we have been working hard all this time to overcome all the difficulties and make it a reality. We unblocked the big competition for the main project and, at the same time, we took all the necessary steps to start the preliminary work.

“And we continue to implement our plan for the expansion of the Athens Metro and the overall implementation of our project plan throughout the country.”

Kouretas: We are moving forward to make the project a reality

The CEO of Attiko Metro SA Mr. Nikolaos Kouretas stated in his turn: “With the new Line 4 – Section A of the Athens Metro, the largest transport infrastructure project continues and develops, a breath project for many areas of the Basin, particularly densely populated and with insufficient transport today service.

The project of the preliminary works includes all the necessary studies – topographic, traffic, studies of displacements of the networks of the Public Benefit Organizations (OKO) from the places where the stations, the wells, as well as all the archeological works are to be done.

We are moving forward as fast as possible and we are committed to working consistently and with high quality, to make a project that the citizens of the Basin need a reality.”

Where the first construction sites will be set up

It is noted that the project entitled: “Archaeological works and relocations of OKO networks of the AD section of Line 4‘ Alsos Veikou-Goudi ‘of the Athens Metro “, has a total cost of 33,496,777 million euros without VAT  and lasts 30 months.


It includes the relocation of OKO networks in all areas where the metro stations and wells will be built, traffic studies and detours.

It also includes dismantling works, as well as relocations of busts, statues, etc.

As well as archeological works, such as exploratory sections for locating antiquities, guarding the sites of archeological works, archeological excavations, recording, preservation and preservation of finds and antiquities.

The 25 total sites of the project (stations, wells, Veikou and Katehaki stations) will be divided into three groups, based on a delivery schedule to the contractor of the main project, but also the possibility of locating ancient and complex OKO networks.

The first group concerns nine places where the works will start immediately: Wells at the two “ends” of the project, from where the “Metropontikas” will enter to start the construction of the tunnel, i.e. in Veikou and Katehaki. The stations Akadimia, Evangelismos, Exarchia, Kolonaki. And the wells in Library, Evangelism Branch and GNA.

The second group also concerns nine positions: The stations Courts, Alexandras, Alsos Veikou, Kypseli, Elikonos. The open pit tunnel and the EYDAP Formionos and Dikaiosini’s wells.

The third group finally concerns seven places: The stations Galatsi, Kaisariani, Panepistimioupoli, Ilisia, Zografou, Goudi and the well Near East.

Attiko Metro will carry out the investigation of OKO and archeological networks in the same places per group in order to limit the nuisance from the projects. He has already made contacts with OKO and with the Municipalities, where the works will take place (Athinaion, Kaisariani, Zografou, Galatsi).

The characteristics of Line 4 of the Metro

Line 4 “Veikos – Goudi Grove” of the Metro has been designed to serve many densely populated areas of downtown Athens, with the construction of four new stations at key points of the center (Exarchia, Akadimia, Kolonaki, Evangelismos).


Existing Central Metro stations (mainly the Syntagma station) are also expected to be decongested due to the ever-increasing demand of the passenger public.

It facilitates the access of citizens to many important buildings and facilities, such as Courts, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, etc.

The networking of the existing Metro Lines with two response stations (University / Academy, Evangelismos) is increasing.

In total, it is estimated that Metro Line 4 will carry approximately 340,000 passengers per day, while car travel is expected to decrease by 53,000 per day.

Line 4 in numbers:

13 km length

15 new stations: Alsos Veikou, Galatsi, Elikonos, Kypseli, Courts, Alexandra, Exarchia, Academy, Kolonaki, Evangelismos, Kaisariani,

University Campus, Zografou, Ilisia, Goudi

9 intermediate and / or terminal wells.

2 stations, before Alsos Veikou station (below Veikou Avenue) and after Goudi station (below Katehaki Avenue).


1 new Operation Control Center (KEL) for Line 4, with a view to integrating and controlling the operation of lines 1, 2, 3, as well as future automatic new lines, as well as the Tram. The new KEL will be located within the boundaries of the Sepolia Depot.

Supply of 20 trains



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