Athens masterplan for 4 major urban redevelopments

The Greek Gov’t examines the possibility for 4 major redevelopment projects in collaboration with Athens Mayor, Giorgos Kaminis. Mr. Kaminis had a one-to-one meeting with PM, Mr. Tsipras for this particular matter yesterday evening in Maximou Mansion.

In the end of the meeting, Mr. Kaminis said that it is very important to tackle the issues Athens is facing, and collaboration towards this cause is equally important. “I had the opportunity to expose a number of problems Athens is facing to the Prime Minister”, he added.

For Alexandra’s Avenue “double” restoration, he said that nothing will be implemented before all involved parties submit their definite decisions about the projects. “Both ‘Erasitehnis Panathinaikos’ and PAO F.C. have not expressed specific views so far, nevertheless everything has been already discussed and the “’negotiations table’ is still open”, Mayor of Athens said.

The Government’s initiative aims for the overall improvement of Athens’ sustainability, reinforcement of  the country’s most strategic municipality, employment prospects, further development of the touristic flows in the capital and has secured the required funds for its materialization through NSRF, local administration recources, Public Investments Program and private investments, government officials say.

Apart from the regional administration, who will be deciding the direction of the project, a scientific team will be also assembled (comprising of transport specialists, town planners, economists etc.) in order for the sub-projects to be designed, scheduled and carried out properly.

The 4 major redevelopment projects of Athens are listed concisely below:

Goudi Metropolitan Park

Goudi Metropolitan Park redevelopment, at the northeastern edge of the city, has been one of the central topics of the public discourse since the 1980s. It is considered to be a high quality green space in the urban grid while it is intended for recreation and sports activities.

Athens historical center restoration

A major intervention plan within the triangle defined by Stadiou St., Piraeus Ave. and Ermou St. The upgrades are targeted mostly on the utilization of the  area’s ran down buildings’ stock that could also re-energize the stagnant local real estate market, the development of a metropolitan center with modern characteristics and an extensive network of pedestrianized streets and bicycle paths.

Kountouriotika area redevelopment

The potential demolition of Panathinaikos’ Stadium on Alexandra’s Avenue, brings a dream of many Athenians residing in this quarter, come true. It includes the partial undergrounding of Alexandras Ave. with a parallel creation of a new park.

Redevelopment of Votanikos area

It concerns the redevelopment of the, currently, neglected area of Eleonas, right next to the heart of Athens. Sports facilities, a mall and the new intercity buses Terminal is part of this extensive redevelopment plan.



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