Just a breath way before the gap completely closes with 2019, is the passenger traffic of the airport of Athens, El. Venizelos. According to the airport data, the passenger traffic for the month of July reached 2.82 million passengers, a record number for the airport data and with a difference of only -5.2% from 2019.

This performance is the highest in three years. Specifically since August 2019 when Athens airport for the first and only time “broke” the barrier of 3 million passengers (3.03 million). Since July 2019, of course, there is less, as at that time 2.98 million passengers had passed through the gates of Athens airport.

Now it remains to be seen whether August can be the month where the record of 2019 is equaled or surpassed or we will be like July slightly lower.

Domestic traffic almost equaled

With regard to domestic traffic, it has been approaching the 2019 rates since June with -0.5% and in July with -0.3%. Here we are practically at the same percentages (915 thousand passengers on the 7th of 2019, 912 thousand on the 7th of 2022).

July foreign traffic still has a notable difference of -7.2% compared to 2019 (2.06 million/2019 and 1.91 million/2022). However, in relation to July 2021, the movement shows a large increase of 62.6%.

Overall, on a year-to-date basis, in the first seven months of 2022, the airport’s passenger traffic reached 11.8 million and remained down 17.1% compared to 2019. Domestic passengers remained below 2019 levels by 10 .5%, while international passengers by 20% respectively.


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