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Alstom selected for Grand Paris Express rolling stock contract



The tendering committee of Société du Grand Paris (SGP) and the SGP-Ile-de-France Mobility coordination committee have approved the selection of Alstom as preferred bidder for a contract to supply around 1000 driverless metro cars for the Grand Paris Express metro network.

The tender calls for the design, manufacture and commissioning of up to 133 six-car trains for Line 15 and up to 50 three-car trains for lines 16 and 17. The tender also allows for the purchase of three-car infrastructure monitoring trains.

Each car will be 2.8m wide and 18m long with three sets of passenger doors on each side and full-width gangways between vehicles.

The 1.5kV dc trains will have a maximum speed of 110km/h with two powered vehicles in the three-car trains and four in the six-car sets. The contract is due to be finalised in the summer.






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