Construction groups were present in the large public projects that were tendered these days, as well as in the Hellinikon projects. More specifically, there was massive participation of the 5 large groups (GEK TERNA-ACTOR CONCESSIONS-AVAX-MYTILINEOS-INTRAKAT) both for the PPP project of the Courthouses in Central Greece and also for the one for the Court of First Instance-Prosecution of Athens.

At the same time, they submitted bids for the sports facilities of Ellinikos in the amount of 100 million euros with the only difference being that INTRAKAT and MYTILINEOS submitted together. In the large project for the Preveza-Lefkada water supply (140 million euros) it became known that TERNA (Mytileneos, AVAX and AKTOR also participated), while there was a massive decline for the Bramiano Dam project and for the land improvement projects of Amvrakia-Amfilochia- Valtos.

Regarding the project for the Tsiknia Dam, according to information, TERNA did not participate as far as the large groups are concerned. At the same time, there was participation in the Early Contractor Invlolvment (i.e. for the undertaking of the consulting services – studies) for the Vouliagmenis Mall. Here we had the participation of GEK TERNA and ACC, AKTOR with Besix and AVAX with Rizzani. The project has an estimated cost of around 350 million euros.

The TERNA-AKTOR-MYTILINEOS alliance started the big sports infrastructure project for the new stadium of Panathinaikos. The cost of the project is 123 million euros.

Projects in progress in February

Within the first days of February, the bidders will be known for all the above projects, the cumulative budget of which amounts to approximately 1 billion euros, while by the end of the month it will be known about the Hellinikon projects as well.

However, it may seem that January is a “rich” month in tenders, but February also moves roughly on the same wavelength.

On the 6th of the month the new suburban line Ano Liosia-Megara is tendered, in the middle of the month the project of the Metropolitan Park in Elliniko is tendered while at the end of the month the tender for the extension of line 2 of the Athens Metro Anthoupoli-Agios Nikolaos Ilion begins. The last project is the biggest infrastructure project for this year with a budget reaching 550 million euros, which has mobilized the country’s biggest construction companies.


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