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All-time traffic record for the 14 Regional Airports of Fraport Greece



Φωτογραφία Αρχείου-Πηγή: Unsplash
Πηγή: Unsplash

Fraport Greece achieved an all-time record in passenger traffic in the 14 Regional Airports. According to the data it released, a total of 31.19 million passengers used one of the 14 airports it manages.

In relation to 2019, which was the absolute record year, Fraport Greece registered an increase in passenger traffic by 3.4%, as 30.16 million passengers visited its airports in 2019.

This new big record of Fraport Greece confirms the predictions for a strong tourist trend in 2022 and of course it can only bring smiles. It is a fact that international passengers reached almost 25 million, a statistical increase of 7.2% compared to 2022. The same is recorded in flights as with 256,285 a 4.4% increase was recorded.

In the excellent picture recorded by the 14 Regional Airports, the only discrepancy was domestic traffic which, with 6.27 million passengers, recorded a significant decrease of 9.2% compared to 2019. This contrasts with the domestic passenger statistics of Athens airport which in 2022 saw a strong increase compared to 2019.

The performance of the airports

Macedonia Airport had the biggest contribution with 5.9 million passengers although it is still at -14.2% compared to 2019. Second was Rhodes Airport with an excellent performance and 5.85 million, marking an increase of 5, 7%. Corfu airport came third with 3.74 million and an increase of 14.4%. Fourth is the airport of Chania with 3.29 million and an increase of 10.9%. Santorini airport closes the top five with 2.74 million and an increase of 19.3%.

Last in performance is the airport of Kavala with 251 thousand passengers and a decrease of 22.3% and second before the end is the airport of Mytilini with 439 thousand decreased by 11.6%.

In conclusion, it seems that the major tourist destinations have already overcome the crisis in air transport and it seems that we are going for new records in 2023. On the contrary, the airport of Thessaloniki, as well as that of Athens, still show a need to strengthen their transport network as both recorded reductions on from -10%.

For Thessaloniki, the loss of the Russian and Ukrainian markets was a big blow, which means that other markets will have to be found that will adequately replace the passenger traffic. In particular, for the airport of Thessaloniki, in contrast to Athens, there was also a decrease in domestic passengers by -11.1% with 1.92 million passengers.

The biggest increases for 2022 were recorded by the airports of Aktion (23.5%), Santorini (19.3%) and Skiathos (14.6%).




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