All set for the completion of the tender for the pier expansion at the Port of Thessaloniki.

According to the information, it appears that the consortium METKA-TEKAL has definitely submitted a bid. Neither the consortium AVAX-ETERMAR nor the consortium AKTOR-X.KONSTANTINIDIS has submitted an offer. The only question mark remaining is ARHIRODON. These three consortia had expressed interest on Friday, December 22, 2023, for the project along with the METKA-TEKAL consortium.

The project of Thessaloniki’s Port titled “6th Pier, Port Infrastructure Extension” constitutes the country’s largest new port project and falls within the mandatory investments of the Organization following its privatization. It is worth noting that this is a re-tender of the project as the first tender was not completed and was canceled due to significant changes in construction material prices during the 2021-2023 period.

It is the main project of the mandatory investments of Thessaloniki’s Port following its privatization. It is expected to change not only the port’s image but also that of the entire city. The duration of the project has been set at 30 months, and if there are no delays, it is expected to be completed by early 2026. With the operation of the upgraded pier, the container handling capacity will double.

The completion of the 6th pier of the Port of Thessaloniki constitutes a major port infrastructure project that will further strengthen our country’s position as a transshipment hub between East and West, with a cost of 170 million euros including VAT. Independent engineers on the project are the consortium SALFO-AECOM-SAMARAS AND ASSOCIATES.

Thessaloniki has the significant advantage of easy access to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, which gives it great potential for development.

The project includes the construction of a new additional quay wall, as a direct extension of the existing one, with a length of 440 meters, the construction of additional land area, with a width of at least 300 meters, and the execution of all supplementary infrastructure works required for the full operation of the new quay wall and the corresponding land area. The land port zone of the Port of Thessaloniki covers an area of approximately 1,550,000 square meters and extends over a length of approximately 3,500 meters.

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