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All 5 participants qualified to tender’s next stage for Kalamata-Methoni road project



Phase A of the tender of the large-scale PPP project regarding the upgrade of Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni road axis, in of the most important new generation projects in the pipeline, has been completed. The tender was launched on July 2, 2019.

As it has become known by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, all 5 companies that have expressed their interest have been qualified.The competition was launched on 2 July 2019.

Upon the completion of Phase A, the 5 contenders will proceed to Phase B1, which is the competitive dialogue, duuring which the technical scope of the project will be identified, the environmental study will be drafted and approved and the tender documents will be drawn up. After that, in Phase B2 the bids will be submitted and the contractor will be awarded.

Following the contract awards, the Court of Audit will launch its scrutiny after the successful conclusion of which, the contract will be ratified by the Greek Parliament and signed, allowing the construction phase to begin.

The project

It is reminded that the above-mentioned 5 companies have expressed their interest for the major PPP road project regarding the upgrading of Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni road axis are: AVAX, AKTOR CONCESSIONS, INTRAKAT, GEK TERNA and ACCIONNA CONCESIONES-MYILINEOS. Implementing entity is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The estimated cost of the project is 312.23m euros (incl. VAT, VAT excl.:251.8m euros). The tender will proceed according to the provisions of L.4412/2016. As it is already known, the contract awarding procedure comprises 2 phases:

Phase A: Expression of interest and

Phase B (including 2 stages):

– Competitive dialogue and

– Binding offers

The duration of the PPP contract will be 360 ​​months (i.e. 30 years) while there is no provision for funding from the European Union. The repayment of the project will be made through availability payments or other installments during the operation period.

Under the partnership agreement, the private partner is expected to undertake the following:

a) The preparation of all the studies required for the construction of the projec (on the basis of the studies provided by the contracting authority, the final design of the project, environmental permits, etc.),

b) Execution of the entirety of the required construction works,

c) Financing the project,

d) Maintenance and operation of the road section «Kalamata – Rizomilos – Pylos – Methoni», as provided for in the final design, for the duration of the PPP,

e) Return of the project to the Greek State, at the end of the contract period.


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