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AKTOR-TERNA underbidded for Aktio-Amvrakia Motorway contract in Western Greece



After a prolonged “thriller”, it finally became known that AKTOR-TERNA J/V underbidded for the so-called “sweep contract” that willl complete the construction of Aktio-Amvrakia Motorway. The construction of the 48.5 km long axis had begun in March 2010 and has literally been described as a “tormented” project. According to information, the J/V’s discount reached 49.85%.

The “thriller” is justified due to a problem in the electronic tendering system, which delayed the process for several hours. The project has also attracted the interest of the Italian GD Infrastrutture, which came second with a 42.41% discount.It is reminded that the same company has undertaken Psathopyrgos-Rio railway project and two contracts on Patra-Pyrgos Motorway.

The “sweep contract” includes works in e total length of 32.2 km, for the remaining sections. The cost is 150mln euros (incl. VAT,  VAT excl. 120.96mln euros). An additional amount of 10.5mln (incl. VAT, VAT excl. 8.46mln euros) for optional works and the construction of a direct connection of the road with Ionian Motorway.

Both offers’ submission and their unsealing took place on the same day. The duration of the project is set at 30 months. As soon as the contract is signed, probably at the beginning of next year, the completion of the project will be expected in the second half of 2021.

The project is funded by SAE071/8 and is a phashing project from NSRF 2007-2013, which has been included in the current programming period.



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