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AKTOR and MYTILINEOS return to tender for large PPP road project in Peloponnese

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Εργάτες ασφαλτόστρωση

The tender for the large-scale PPP road project regarding the upgrade of Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni road axis, one of the most important new large projects that are heading to their implementation, is proceeding with great interest.

According to information of, AKTOR and MYTILINEOS have won the appeal at the Council of State and are now back in the tender process.

It should be reminded that following an appeal filed by INTRAKAT, which was accepted by the Independent Authority for Appeals’ Review (AEPP), AKTOR and MYTILINEOS were excluded from the tender, which, as expected, appealed to the CoS, where they overturned the previous decision. It should be noted that there are now several cases where AEPP’s decisions are overturned.

In the 2nd phase of the PPP project there are again 5 companies and consortia claiming the contract, as in the beginning, namely: AVAX, AKTOR Concessions, INTRAKAT, GEK TERNA and J/V ACCIONNA Concesiones-MYTILINEOS. The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The project

The estimated cost of the project is 312.23m euros (incl. VAT, VAT excl.:251.8m euros). The tender will proceed according to the provisions of L.4412/2016. As it is already known, the contract awarding procedure comprises 2 phases:

Phase A: Expression of interest and

Phase B (including 2 stages):

– Competitive dialogue and

– Binding offers

The duration of the PPP contract will be 360 ​​months (i.e. 30 years) while there is no provision for funding from the European Union. The repayment of the project will be made through availability payments or other installments during the operation period.

Under the partnership agreement, the private partner is expected to undertake the following:

a) The preparation of all the studies required for the construction of the projec (on the basis of the studies provided by the contracting authority, the final design of the project, environmental permits, etc.),

b) Execution of the entirety of the required construction works,

c) Financing the project,

d) Maintenance and operation of the road section «Kalamata – Rizomilos – Pylos – Methoni», as provided for in the final design, for the duration of the PPP,

e) Return of the project to the Greek State, at the end of the contract period.




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