The delivery of the last 17 kilometers, which completes the upgrading of the Aktio-Ambrakia axis to a highway, is scheduled for Autumn. In a press briefing held at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, a detailed presentation of the projects was made, including the development of progress in this large road project.

As mentioned by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Giorgos Karagiannis, the planning of the ministry places the delivery in traffic at the end of Autumn, around the end of October. Essentially, the project is being completed with a slight shift as it was originally expected to be delivered in the summer.

Taking a look back at the history of the project, Mr. Karagiannis mentioned that it is a project that has plagued the Greek governments for over a decade. He noted that due to the delays there was the risk of a fiscal correction (ie the EU would ask for the funds that had been given back).

Also, as he said, there were many issues with the appeals that were eventually overcome. Last year, a 17-kilometer section concerning the eastern section of Amvrakia Road (the so-called Amfilochia Bypass) was completed, and now the completion of the last section from Agios Nikolaos to Vonitsa is underway.

With the completion of this section, the entire axis of the Amvrakia Road, from Aktio to the southern end of the Amvrakia lake, will be open to traffic. Let’s remember that the projects have been undertaken by Mytilineos (its construction part which is METKA) since the end of 2020. The project is financed by the NSRF 2014-2020.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure stated that the other project for the Double Connection of Lefkada is progressing as the first section from Aktio to Agios Nikolaos has already been delivered. The second section will be delivered by the beginning of 2024 and concerns the Aktio-Vonitsa section.

A project with history

The construction of the Amvrakia Odos highway is a project with a long history. The tender was broken into 4 sections in 2008 and in March 2010 the 4 contracts were signed. Since then and up until 2015, progress has been significantly less and as a result it was in danger of going down the drain.

In 2016, a contract was undertaken by AKTOR, the result of which was the construction of 17 kilometers between Akti and Vonitsa in the Spring of 2019. It was the first large section to be delivered to traffic.

A contract worth 150 million euros was also tendered, which was finally undertaken by Mytileneos and which will end with the delivery of the last section of the highway.

The new 48.5 km long axis has closed motorway features and has 2 lanes per traffic section. It has uneven junctions and geometrically increases road safety levels. The existing road is notorious for constant traffic accidents that claim lives every year.

With the completion and operation of the entire new highway, the Lefkada-Athens route will be reduced to approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes, while the distances to Aktio, Preveza, Igoumenitsa will be reduced accordingly.


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