The introduction of the vignette in the network of Greek highways is promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport through the bill submitted to Parliament for public procurement by the Ministry of Development.

The vignette, which is very common in several European countries, with Austria first, is considered an appropriate means of establishing the principle of proportionality in the payment of tolls on the major roads of the country. How this system will work will be decided in a second phase, but the sticker on the windshield is the most common (it will be reminiscent of the sticker of the road tax that was applied in the past).

How it will work

After its activation  the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will determine:

-the service of issuing the Prepaid toll Card for the use of the entire national road network or part of it, of selected duration with proportional charge and the other details of its issuance, and

-the type of Prepaid Diode Card, such as a sticker, that is placed on the vehicle.

The vignette can be used either with a one-time payment per period (monthly-yearly) or with a mileage charge which can be linked to an account maintained by the user. The prepaid toll card is the first step in the implementation of analog tolls which is the next stage for the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The next step for the ministry, as stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Costas Karamanlis, is the holding of a tender for the installation of electronic tolls as the latest that was attempted in 2019 was finally canceled.

The issuance of a presidential decree is also expected that will set the penalties for violations of non-payment of tolls and the non-issuance of Prepaid Toll Card, the bodies and the procedure for their enforcement and collection.

Until then, drivers and owners of vehicles that violate the relevant provisions of the Ministerial Decree on exemptions from the ban on crossing the road network,   a fine  one thousand ( 1,000) euros and immobilization of these vehicles, will be imposed by the police in solidarity and in full with the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

Transit card for disabled people

At the same time, a single highway crossing card for disabled people is being prepared. The transit policy (free or reduced toll) will be determined by the local concessionaire.

By decision of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, the supporting documents for the issuance of the single card are determined, which are submitted electronically.

The single card, after its issuance, is sent by post to the beneficiaries by the Road Toll Service. The card contains a photo of disabled people as well as the registration number of the vehicle. The disabled person must ride in the vehicle during the crossing. The crossing is controlled and will not be automatic.


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