Significant milestones are being reached in the major projects of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. These projects, whether under construction or in the bidding phase, now have clear timelines set to provide a framework for the ministry and the government to execute them.

In the E65 project, the construction of the southern section from Lamia to Xyniada, which will connect the currently disconnected section from Xyniada to Trikala with the country’s highway network, is estimated to be completed before Easter. Similarly, the first subsection from the northern section, from Trikala to Kalambaka, will also be delivered. The overall completion up to the area of Kipiourio, where the E65 will connect with the Egnatia Odos, is scheduled for 2025.

For the BOAK, for example, the section from Chania to Chersonissos, a major goal is to complete the tender process by the end of 2024 or early 2025. This is provided that there are no legal disputes. The completion of the project is estimated by the end of the current decade.

Similarly, it is estimated that in 2024, the construction works for the section from Chersonissos to Neapolis (SDIT) will commence by the contracting consortium (GEK TERNA-AKTOR PARACHORISEIS-INTRAKAT). For the Neapolis to Agios Nikolaos section as well, it is also considered that construction works will begin in the coming months. Overall, the projects of the BOAK have significant funding from the Recovery Fund, while the main project also receives funding from the NSRF 2021-2027.

Milestones in other major projects

For the Flyover project, it is estimated that the construction works will accelerate by the beginning of summer, and the project will be completed by the summer of 2027. It is worth noting that the consortium ABAX-Mitilinaios is the contractor. There have been significant local community reactions to the project due to the already congested traffic conditions. However, upon its completion, the project will bring significant improvements to the regional city’s traffic flow.

Pyrgos project, the timeline aims for its completion by 2025. Specifically, it is estimated that by early 2025, there will be operational completion of the section from Kato Achaia to Pyrgos, and similarly in May (May 18, 2025) for the section from Midilogli to Kato Achaia. The full completion of the projects is targeted for August 2025. However, there is optimism that a significant portion of the highway will be operational from this year onwards.

For the new airport in Kasteli, the completion of the design-construction period is estimated for 2025, the end of the trial operation period of the airport facilities in 2026, and along with it, the completion of the project. Commercial operations are scheduled for 2027.

For the project of extending Kymi Avenue, the decision of the Council of State (Supreme Administrative Court) is awaited, which will determine the fate of the project. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will also need to secure the funding for the project simultaneously to ensure its implementation.

In the first year of works, both local road projects, Bralos-Amfissa and the Chalkida Bypass, are underway. We are also awaiting the commencement of works for the third road project, Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni.

The railway projects

However, there are significant milestones at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport regarding railway projects as well. Top priority is given to restoration and upgrading projects in Central Greece. It is estimated that tenders will be issued promptly, and contractors will be selected by the summer. With these projects, the ministry aims to enhance their resilience against ongoing extreme weather phenomena. One of their new features will be elevating sections to prevent sinking during such events. Their cost is estimated at around 450 million euros.

Additionally, significant projects are progressing through the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework), such as electrification projects in the sections Kiato-Aigio, Larissa-Volos, Paleofarsalos-Kalambaka, signaling in the Thessaloniki-Eidomeni line, works at the Central Railway Station of Athens, and the new double railway line Aigio-Rio. These projects are estimated to be completed gradually over the period 2025-2026.

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