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A new ring road “emerges” with Argiroupoli and Hymettus Tunnels

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



The extension of Attica Motorway has gone through several “ups and downs” over the years. The truth is though that it has been a long time since the extension of the Motorway was a tangible scenario, set for implementation.

About one year ago, a project plan re-emerged, concerning the extension of the Hymettus Western Ring Road with an urban tunnel ending at Vouliagmenis Ave. along with the upgrade of Vouliagmenis Ave. up to Hellinikon area. This promising project was proposed to be incorporated in “Juncker’s Plan” but there no interest has been expressed so far.

In fact, Argiroupoli Tunnel is expected to connect Hellinikon area, in the capital’s southern suburbs with Koropi and, subsequently, the Airport, a plan that was approved in 2013 by the Greek Parliament. According to a comment provided at by a high rank official of the constructions sector: “If someone asked me which project is more important, I’d answer ‘both of them’ as they serve different purposes and traffic flows in the city.”

He also mentioned that Argiroupoli Tunnel, once Hellinikon redevelopment project is concluded, could relieve considerably traffic congestion in the southern suburbs. The two tunnels are expected to create a circular road axis, a ring road essentially that will benefit immensely drivers moving to and from the crowded southern suburbs to the rest of Athens metropolitan area and the Airport.

Nevertheless, extension plans of Attica Motorway are going to return to the foreground of the region’s development plans as the evergrowing demand for better and quicker access to the Airport (especially considering the concession period renewal in 2024) and within the region will dictate it.



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