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How the new Integrated Resort Casino in Elliniko will be developed by GEK TERNA and Hard Rock



casino elliniko Πηγή:

GEK TERNA Group and Hard Rock International marked the official start of their cooperation for the construction and operation of an integrated tourist complex with a casino, in the emblematic area of ​​the Athenian Riviera, in the context of the development of the project “The Ellinikon“, in a special event took place yesterday in Athens.

Scheduled for 2026, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens will be a unique destination in Europe, combining a luxury 5-star hotel, a world-class casino, a state-of-the-art exhibition and conference center, a state-of-the-art entertainment venue, internationally Recognized catering facilities, a luxury Rock Spa® and pool complex, and retail stores.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with GEK TERNA Group and the further expansion of Hard Rock’s international presence in the great city of Athens,” said Jim Allen, President of Hard Rock International. “This project will create more than 3,000 permanent jobs in Greece and we look forward to bringing our unique approach to entertainment and offering an unparalleled experience to visitors of all ages.”

“This development project will create a high quality benchmark for the country’s tourism, is expected to offer employment to thousands of people, bring significant revenue to the Greek state and offer added value to the Greek brand,” said Mr. George Peristeris. , President and CEO of GEK TERNA Group. “Together with Hard Rock, we are making a private investment of over 1 billion euros, confirming our confidence in the prospects and capabilities of Greece.”

The design of the project draws inspiration from basic Greek elements such as the sea, the arts and ancient mythology, which are combined with the modern requirements of architecture and the inescapable need for harmonious integration of the project in the environment and its location. The open spaces, the gardens and the water element are central parts of the design of the emblematic project, with the total outdoor green space covering almost 205,000 sq.m.

The central tower is inspired by naval references, incorporating in its design the waves, the sails and the lighthouse. Built on three levels, the Tower has three different orientations that correspond to the reference points located within the imaginary triangle that forms around the project: the Acropolis, the sea and Hymettus. Its emblematic shape will be a landmark of the region, highlighting the importance of the connection between land, sea and sky.

“Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens” will be an international destination, offering its guests an exciting combination of entertainment, dining and accommodation, taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate and providing specially designed outdoor areas.

This development project will host a casino with a total area of almost 15,000 square meters, which will have 200 tables and 2,000 slot machines. The Tower will have more than 1,000 rooms and suites, with a total capacity of almost 3,500 beds with sea views or views across Athens and the Parthenon.

The project will also include the highest terrace in Athens, while the rooftop pool will be complemented by a bar, Rock Spa® and Body Rock Fitness, which through connection of indoor and outdoor spaces will make use of the sunshine and activity-friendly temperatures during during the year.


The Hard Rock Live Theater is designed to entertain an audience of 3,000 people, while the stage will be expanded outdoors for the needs of outdoor festivals and concerts with an additional 7,500 seats available. Inspired by the ancient Greek amphitheater, and with outdoor lawn, it will combine culture and entertainment, harmoniously bridging the philosophy of Hard Rock with the Greek way of life.

An open-air village with various retail shops, gourmet restaurants with local and international cuisine, bars and leisure areas, will frame the casino, while the conference and exhibition center will exceed 23,000 sq.m. and will provide a large exhibition hall, event and meeting rooms, as well as support areas.

The 30-year concession is a partnership of Hard Rock International (51%) and the GEK TERNA Group (49%), with the latter having the overall responsibility for the construction of the project, which is expected to start in the first months of 2023 and lasts about 3 years, setting the opening of the “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens” in 2026.

“Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens” is the latest addition to Hard Rock International’s extensive portfolio, which has facilities in more than 70 countries covering 265 locations and includes privately owned / licensed or managed hotels, casinos, Rock Shops®, Live Event Venues and Cafes.



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