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5+5 future infrastructure projects of great significance in Greece



Metro, airports, road and energy projects and many more are in our current “menu”, in search of the 10 largest active tenders in Greece. These will certainly be the base of the new projects that will be of interest to us in the next few years, as they unravel. The total cost of these projects exceeds 3bn euros and are one of the hopes for the ressurection of the constructions sector. These are:

1. New Athens Metro Line 4 (1.8nb euros)

2. New International Airport in Kasteli, Crete (800mn euros)

3. Salamina-Perama underwater tunnel in Attica (450mn euros)

4. Patra-Pirgos Motorway (450mn euros)

5. Ε65 Motorway: Lamia-Ksiniada section (300mn euros)

Five new tenders are also in the phase of preparation regarding new major public works that we have been under discussion for years, but have not yet made their way for implementation. These tenders will start gradually from the end of this year to the end of 2018. These are: 

1. Crete Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK), Heraklion-Chania section (1.1bn euros)

2. Chalkida Detour (180mn euros)

3. Completion of Amvrakia Motorway (165mn euros)

4. Electric Interconnection between Crete and mainland grid (300mn euros)

5. Sepolia Underground Railway Tunnel (110mn euros)



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