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4 new big railway projects worth over 350 mln euros to be auctioned soon



Χάρτης ΕΡΓΟΣΕ έργα

ERGOSE will start the new season with 4 new auctions. As it has already been mentioned in a recent article by, the funds for new projects, which will enter the implementation trajectory in the next few days, have been committed. In addition, the projects were included in the official planning and budget of the railway company.

The projects concern the electrification of the sections Kiato-Aigio (Rododafni), Paleofarsalos-Kalampaka (which are re-auctioned as the previous tenders were canceled), the 2nd phase of the Central Station of Athens and the project of completion and commissioning of the new double line of high Aigio-Rio.

In their entirety, the projects are funded by the NSRF 2014-2020 through the Operational Program YME-PERAA. Apart from Paleofarsalos-Kalampaka, the other three are located in sections of the main railway corridor PATHE-P.

The announcements of the tenders will be issued in the next few days and it is certain that the big groups will fight for their contracts. The total cost of all 4 projects amounts to 373.9 million euros (amount including VAT).

It is worth noting that the projects for the electrification in the Larissa-Volos section (with the bidder INTRAKAT) and the signaling in the Thessaloniki-Eidomeni section (with the bidder K/X AVAX-Alstom) amounting to 140 million euros are already in the tender process. Combined, the six railway projects that will run will cost more than half a billion euros.

About the 4 projects

Two of the 4 projects being auctioned concern sections of the Athens-Patras railway line. With the electrification projects, the operation of the new line from Kiato to Aigio is fully completed. In addition, anti-noise sound installation works are planned, as the train passes through several cities in the Northern Peloponnese.

With the construction of stations, lines, electric motors, signaling-remote control and ETCS, the works in the Aigio-Rio section are completed, which will be put into operation with a new double high-speed line. In both sections there will be the possibility in places up to 200km / h. The most probable year of operation is 2026.

Electricity is also being re-auctioned in the Paleofarsalos-Kalampaka section, but the works for the upgrade of the Central Railway Station of Athens are in progress, which includes the renovation of 3 docks, new pedestrian bridges, underground connection with the Metro, new underpasses, etc.

In particular, on Thursday, August 26, the BoD of ERGOSE approved the inclusion in the auction planning and the Announcements of the following projects:

Construction of electric propulsion system and anti-noise sound barriers in the section Kiato – Rododafni, study budget € 84 million (including VAT).

Construction of railway stations and stops (buildings, docks, shelters and surrounding areas), superstructure, electricity, signaling-remote control, ETCS, telecommunications and E / M tunnel facilities of Panagopoulas for the new railway line Kiato – Patras, Rodopiϋ study € 175 million (including VAT).

Remaining works of railway infrastructure, superstructure and electrification at the Athens railway station and its connection with the Metro – B phase of the Athens Railway Station, study budget € 42.1 million (including VAT).

Construction of electricity, signaling – remote control and ETCS of the existing single railway line Paleofarsalos – Kalampaka and construction of a new bypass line at Sofada Railway Station, study budget € 72.8 million (including VAT).

The first two projects concern the completion of the new double Railway Line of the Piraeus – Athens – Kiato – Patras network, which is part of the line Piraeus – Thessaloniki – Borders and is connected to the European railway network.

They are part of the modernization works of the railway axis Athens – Corinth – Patras, which aim to reduce accidents, improve Greek rail transport and improve the competitiveness of the railway. These projects support the economic development of the Peloponnese and the national economy in general.

The project of the 2nd phase of the Athens Railway Station is part of the development of the Athens Suburban Railway, which has been characterized as an infrastructure project necessary to serve the daily movements of the residents of the Prefecture of Attica, while projects are already being implemented to improve the railway network in the section from Piraeus Railway Station to the Transport Center of Acharnes (SKA) and in the section from “Treis Gefires” to Ano Liossia Station (connection with High Speed ​​Railway).

In particular, the 2nd phase of development of the Athens Railway Station concerns the updating of the grammology, reconstruction of its functional elements (docks, pedestrian crossings, etc.), installation of electric drive, and parallel construction of the necessary infrastructure (foundations) for the completed buildings in the future.

The project of the railway line Paleofarsalos – Kalampaka includes the installation of modern systems of electricity, signaling – remote control and ETCS on the only railway line that starts from Paleofarsalos, passes through Karditsa and Trikala and ends in Kalampaka.

At the same time, among other things, a dock will be constructed in the area of ​​Sofades, renovation works or small-scale repairs will be carried out in areas of the existing SS buildings. Sofadon, Karditsa, Trikala and Kalampaka as well as replacement of 38 existing ASIDs with the addition of a new ASID in addition.

Vinis: Fast movements for the auctions

The President and Chief Executive Officer of ERGOSE, Mr. Christos Vinis, made the following statement:

“Through a series of immediate actions, in full cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, ERGOSE manages to proceed rapidly with auctions and contracting of projects that significantly upgrade the country’s railway network.

At the same time, we are accelerating the processes for the implementation of strategic projects by utilizing new modern tools, such as the Competitive Dialogue. The action plan called to be implemented by ERGOSE, concerns the completion of vital projects that change the landscape of passenger and freight transport in our country “.

The projects are part of the total 4 billion euro railway project announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport through ERGOSE. In the next period, the projects worth 3.3 billion euros related to the connection of major ports with the national railway network will be announced en masse. More specifically, they concern the connection with the ports: Patras, Rafina, Lavrio, Kavala, Alexandroupolis and Thessaloniki through the method of competitive dialogue.

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