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3 consortia are interested for the Havria Dam Project in Halkidiki



The process of expressing interest in the Havria dam in Halkidiki was recently completed with very strong participation. According to information from, the schemes that showed interest are the following:

  • Suez – EYATH – INTRACAT consortium
  • AKTOR Concessions

The implementation of the Havria Dam is the first PPP project for a dam and in general in the field of water supply in Greece. The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport through the Directorate of Water Supply, Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment.

The initially estimated cost of the project exceeds 105.89 million euros (amount with VAT, amount without VAT 85.4 million euros). The financing of the project will be 100% private without any support from the NSRF.

The competition will be held in 3 phases

The first phase of the expression of interest was completed today. This will be followed by the formal participation ability test of the schemes.

In phase B1, a competitive dialogue will be conducted that will finalize the project object and other parameters (and will be environmentally licensed).

In phase B2, the binding technical and financial bids will be submitted, from which the contractor of the project will emerge.

The duration of the project is 30 years (360 months) of which three years will be related to the construction of the Dam, Water Treatment Plants and the necessary networks.

Of particular interest is the provision for the possibility for the contracting authority to impose additional special conditions for the performance of the contract, which will be mentioned:

1) the number or percentage per specialty category of the unemployed and / or persons belonging to vulnerable groups, recruited for the performance of the partnership agreement, and

2) the environmental performance of the project.

A few words about the project

In the context of the specific Public-Private Partnership, the Private Partnership Body (IFS) will implement the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the Havria Halkidiki dam, the water treatment facilities (Ε.Ε.Ν. ) and external water supply networks – Phase A ‘. In short, the I.F.S.

1) prepares the studies necessary for the construction design of the project, based on the applicable environmental conditions, and arrange and expedite the obtaining of all necessary permits;

2) constructs the whole object of the construction design studies, with the aim of the full operational efficiency and readiness of the project;

3) will undertake the operation and maintenance of the project, in accordance with the requirements of the partnership contract, the performance specifications and the operation and maintenance plan approved by the contracting authority, which will be prepared by the IFS;

4) will return the project to the Greek State, in accordance with the provisions of the contract, at the end of the contract period, in exchange for the payment of availability payments, during the operating period.

In particular, the subject of the partnership agreement concerns the construction of the following infrastructures:

1) the Havria Dam and the accompanying technical works;

2) the Water Treatment Plants (EEN), with a capacity of 55,000 m3 / day, and

3) external networks with a total length of 62 km, tanks and pumping stations.

In the context of the partnership, the I.F.S. will be responsible for financing the project, while the contracting authority, throughout the partnership, will make annual payments (availability payments), according to the relevant payment mechanism performance, which will be included in the partnership contract and will be based on quality standards, (in this case, in particular as regards the operational availability of the project, with a specific quality level of results, ie the performance specifications of the partnership contract).

Availability payments will not be paid until the project and the related services meet the availability specifications of the partnership agreement, as certified by an independent auditor. Also, reductions will be imposed on availability payments, in case the performance of the project deviates from the set performance specifications of the partnership contract.

It is pointed out that the management of the PPP project from the I.F.S. starts from the head project (dam) to the reservoirs of the settlements. The quantitative distribution of the refined water in the local D.E.Y.A. and the pricing of water supply services to the local DEYA will be done by the management body, which is expected to be proposed and then set up, based on a special study. The construction duration of the technical project is estimated at a maximum of three (3) years, at most.

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