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The Top-10 infrastructure projects to be completed this decade in Attica



Μεγάλα Έργα Αττικης

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in Attica is running ten major flagship projects. The goal of Costas Karamanlis is for these projects with a total cost of 4.3 billion euros to be completed by the end of the current decade. These projects concern Metro lines, road and railway connections and are to be added to the dense transport network of the country’s capital.

The projects concern the new line 4 of the Athens Metro, the extension of line 2 to Ilion, the road link Salamina-Perama, the extension of Kymi  Avenue, the flood protection works, the extension of the Suburban Railway  to Rafina and Lavrio, the extension of the Suburban Railway in Elefsina-Megara, the extension of line 3 to the Municipal Theater and the upgrade of the external water supply system of Attica. Let’s see in detail:

1. New Line 4 of Athens Metro

It is the largest public project of all time for the country at a cost of 1.8 billion euros. Preliminary work for the relocation of networks and archeological sites has started in March, while the main contract is expected to be signed in June. The Veikos-Goudi Grove section will be constructed with 15 underground stations and 12.9 km of tunnel. In the future, extensions are planned to Petroupoli, Maroussi-Lykovrysi, Ano Ilioupoli

2. Extension of Line 2 Metro to Ilion

It concerns the extension of Line 2 from Anthoupolis to Agios Nikolaos. It will include 3 stations (PALATIANI, ILION, AGIOS NIKOLAOS). The cost is estimated at 350m euros. The auction of the project is planned for the beginning of 2022. It is an important addition of the Metro network in the densely populated areas of Ilio and Agioi Anargyroi.

3. Underwater Salamina-Perama Connection

It concerns the creation of a new road axis that will start from Schistou Avenue, will reach Perama and from there with a tunnel will pass to Salamina, ending approximately at the commercial center of the island. The tender has been in progress since 2016, but this year the submission of the environmental study proceeded and the goal is for the 400 million euro project to acquire a contractor in 2022 and start the works.

4. Expansion of  Kymi Avenue

It is part of the projects of the extensions of Attiki Odos. The extension will start from the junction of Attiki Odos and will end after 3.8 km on the National Road, at the junction of Kaliftaki (Kato Kifisia). The cost amounts to 300 million euros and the auction is placed within 2021 with the aim of the project to be completed by the end of the current decade.


5. Flood protection projects

The Ministry of Infrastructure has put forward works for the flood protection of Attica that concern the streams of Erasinos, Agios Georgios – Giannoulas Aspropyrgos, Eschatia, Rafina, Kanapitsa. These projects, costing about 150 million euros, will help prevent floods similar to those we experienced in Mandra, Attica, a few years ago.

6. Extension of the Suburban Railway to Rafina

The expansion to Rafina has been discussed for years. The idea is to reach the Port of Rafina as an extension from the Airport and the distance is about 7km. It will serve Pikermi and Rafina and promises to solve the problem of the port. The Rafina-Athens distance will be covered in about 45 minutes. The cost of this investment is estimated at 300 million euros. The auction of the project is scheduled for this year.

7. Extension of the Suburban Railway to Lavrio

The extension from Koropi to Lavrio will include two railway stations (Markopoulo and Lavrio Port) and five railway stations (Kalivia, Keratea, Daskalio, Thorikos, Kyprianos). The distance Athens-Lavrio will be carried out in 55 minutes and Koropi-Lavrio in 28 minutes with the completion of the extension. The cost is estimated at 380m euros. The auction of the project is scheduled for this year.

8. Extension of the Suburban Railway to Elefsina-Megara

This project concerns the development of part of the old Athens-Corinth metric line, which has been out of operation for about 15 years. A new 36 km long suburban railway line will be created, starting from Ano Liossia, passing through Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and ending at Megara. The cost of the project is estimated at 85 million euros and includes the normalization-signaling-electrification-remote control of the line. The auction of the project is scheduled for this year.

9. Extension of Line 3 Metro to the Municipal Theater

It concerns the completion of the extension of line 3 to Piraeus. The first section was given last summer (until Nice). The rest of the line with the stations Maniatika, Piraeus and the Municipal Theater is estimated to be put into operation in the summer of 2022. The total cost of the expansion is 660 million euros.

10. External Water Supply System of Attica

Here is prepared a tender-PPP where the undertaking of the external water supply system by an individual in collaboration with EYDAP is foreseen. The cost is estimated at 250 million euros and its auction is expected for this year.






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