Ten major projects worth 2.1 billion euros will be tendered by the end of 2022 and are expected to attract the interest of the BIG 5, the country’s major conglomerates. Among those emblematic projects are the projects of the Panathinaikos stadium, waste units in Achaia and Corfu, the operation of the Thessaloniki Metro, the Tavronitis and Enipea, Minagiotiko and Tauropou dams and the Thessaloniki-Edessa and Drama-Amphipolis roads.

These are projects that close a “magical” year in the field of construction, as this year there were many and large tenders for infrastructure projects such as railway, road buildings, etc. 2022 holds the same strong close and comes as a bonanza to the already bloated unused profits of major tech groups.

The project for the water supply networks from the Tauropos River, a project of the Ministry of Rural Development through HYDOR 2.0, will start on the 18th of the month. The cost of the project reaches 159.6 million euros.

On November 30, two projects for dams will be auctioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The first is the project for the Tavronitis Dam at a cost of 267 million euros and the second is the Enipea Farsala Dam at a cost of 230 million euros. The projects are financed by the Recovery Fund as a PPP.

On the same day, the Corfu Waste Unit will be tendered for the third time. The Contracting Authority is the Region of the Ionian Islands and the cost is 80 million euros. Everyone hopes that this time the competition will be successful and go all the way. The previous two times the competition was declared fruitless.

Then it will be the turn of the tender for the Minagiotiko Dam in Messinia, also a project of the Ministry of Rural Development. The cost of the project was set at 145 million euros and the tender will take place on December 2nd. Both projects of the Ministry of Rural Development are financed by the Recovery Fund and are implemented using the PPP method.

On December 2nd, however, the critical PPP tender for the operation and maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro by Attiko Metro will begin. The project, costing 292 million euros, is a prerequisite to be able to start the operation of the metropolitan railway in the city of Thessaloniki. Famous names from abroad are also expected here.

On December 5, the tender will be held for two major road projects in Central Macedonia. The first is the Thessaloniki-Edessa PPP project worth 444 million euros and the second is the Drama-Amphipolis project worth 248 million euros.

On the same day, the Waste Unit in Achaia at the location of Floka will be tendered. The project is being tendered by SYDISA Achaias with 93 million euros. It is a public project that aims to consolidate waste management in the country’s third most populous region.

One week later, on December 12th, the competition for an important cultural project in Piraeus begins. The Ministry of Culture is tendering the project of converting the Silo building into a Museum of Marine Antiquities for 89 million euros. The project will further upgrade the port of Piraeus, which has changed drastically in recent years.

The fans of Panathinaikos are anxiously awaiting the start of the competition for the construction of the new stadium in the area of ​​Votanikos by the Municipality of Athens. The amount of the project reaches 123 million euros and the auction will take place on December 13th.

With this project, the tenders of the major projects for 2022 are completed and it is awaited with great interest how the country’s groups will be positioned and how these projects will be distributed.

The year 2023, however, will continue with major tenders, such as the extension of the Metro in Ilion with 400 million euros, the triple junction of Skaramanga with 80 million euros, Ioannina-Kakavia with 250 million euros, etc.